Affordable holiday 7 money-saving tips

Affordable holiday 7 money-saving tips

Affordable holiday 7 money-saving tips to help you get a break on a meaningful holiday with a tight budget.  Are you gearing up to plan your upcoming summer vacation, but are you also on a budget? Do you need to save money? If so, please continue reading on for 7 money saving summer travel tips. Watch the price of your summer vacation decrease by implementing these easy steps.

Affordable holiday 7 money-saving tips
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1 – Plan Ahead

Many new deal seekers mistakenly believe the best discounts are offered at the last minute. Yes, some hotels and airlines do offer last minute travel deals and discounts, but they aren’t guaranteed. You could spend weeks waiting for a discount to arrive, only to never see it. Luckily, hotels, car rental companies, and airlines all offer money-saving discounts throughout the year. Find one of these discounts. It should be just as good and you will still save money.

2 – Avoid Airlines with Loads of Extra Fees

Airlines have been losing money over the past few years. To compensate for those losses, many not only raised their fares, but increased fees too. Not only compare airlines to find the best ticket prices, but look at additional fees. If you can’t escape these fees, especially baggage fees, familiarize yourself with them and pack carefully to avoid them.

3 – Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates and Time

When planning a vacation on a strict budget, you should experiment with travel dates and times. Did you know it is usually cheaper to fly on Wednesdays than Fridays? It is. For the best deals on hotels and airfare, plan your trip in the beginning or end of summer, not the middle. Hotels are likely to fill up quicker and charge higher rates when business conventions or popular sporting events are happening. Avoid these dates. This is where planning ahead is helpful.

4 – Look for Freebies from Hotels

When researching hotels, be on the lookout for those that offer additional extras for guests. A hotel with affordable rates and a free breakfast is ideal. Many hotels also have onsite restaurants. See if special deals and discounts are offered for guests.

5 – Use Online Travel Websites

Many travel websites, like, can be found with a standard internet search. You aren’t always guaranteed the lowest prices, but it won’t hurt to look. Many offer discounts on vacation packages, where you book two or three arrangements at once.

6 – Don’t Rely Solely on Travel Websites

As previously stated, travel websites are nice, but they don’t always offer the best deal. If you only need a hotel or plane tickets, as opposed to a vacation package, your best bet is to go directly to the source. You should find lower rates and special deals listed on the websites of hotels, resorts, car rental companies, and airlines. In fact, compare them. If it is cheaper to go with a travel website and a vacation package, do it. If not, book your travel reservations separately.

7 – Avoid Spending Money at the Airport

If the cost of flying wasn’t already high enough, you can spend a lot more at the airport. For that reason, proceed with caution. For food, eat before you depart for the airport. Have a large meal and bring dry snacks from home. To keep yourself occupied on the plane, bring books, movies, or magazines from home. Wal-Mart is the best place to buy these items, as they offer discounts. They will cost more at the airport.

Affordable holiday 7 money-saving tips realized

Affordable holiday 7 money-saving tips should be seen as a one more action step towards making it happen. Just do it, is the action to take when struggling with indecision and procrastination.   Just do it may mean sometimes putting on the the track suit and the shoes, with keys in the pocket going out early in the morning for that much needed morning walk, jog or a bike ride. Action steps need to be taken in order to over come indecision between being physically active and achieving daily tasks and long term goals. On the other hand there is the passive procrastinator, that dreams and fantasy-sis about everything but does nothing. Be a doer and prove it with by the action decisions take you take daily.

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5 Tips for Planning an Affordable Family Vacation

5 Tips for Planning an Affordable Family Vacation

Are you ready to start planning your family’s summer vacation? In the past, this was an exciting time. However, the economy now has many Americans in a financial bind. If you are one of those Americans, planning your family vacation may no longer be as fun. In fact, it is something you may dread. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Although you are on a budget, there are many ways that you can plan a cheap, yet fun family vacation this summer. How?

5 Tips for Planning an Affordable Family Vacation
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1 – Stay Close to Home

When many of us think of summer vacations, plane rides and faraway destinations often come to mind. People like to getaway. A family from New York is likely to opt for Hawaii or Florida as their summer vacation destination. A family from Florida may opt for the Caribbean or New York City. These vacations are nice. After all, you get away and get to experience something new. Nevertheless, if you are on a budget this year, you should think closer to home. Plan a new activity each day and have a series of daylong vacations. For example, visit a state park with a natural pool and hiking trails on day one, travel to a nearby museum for day two, visit a semi-local amusement park on day three, and so forth.

2 – Let Your Children Help Choose Activities

Staying close to home is one of the best ways to save money on a summer vacation. If you plan a series of daylong vacations for the week, start close to home. Your family can sleep in their own beds each night. As you get farther away from home, book a hotel. Unfortunately, with this arrangement many parents feel like they are shortchanging their children, especially if they were used to the above mentioned faraway vacation destinations. Remember, you are operating with limited financial resources. Planning activities you can afford is more important. However, you can reduce boredom by letting your children help plan. For example, your teenage daughter can plan day two of your vacation, your ten-year-old son can help plan day three, and so forth.

3 – Give Camping a Try

If you don’t want to stay close to home, you are likely to book your airline reservations and a hotel room. Price compare to find the best deals. However, you should never pay more than $100 a night for a hotel room. This just gets too costly, especially if you are on a budget. A good and cheaper alternative is to camp. All across the country, you will find campground parks and state parks with camping accommodations. Camping rates vary greatly, but most charge no more than $25 a night!

4 – Wisely Choose Your Travel Dates

If you don’t want to stay close to home, wisely choose your travel dates. Since you are planning a summer vacation, you will find increased rates, but look at the little things. It is cheaper to vacation at the beginning or end of the summer. The middle is the most expensive. You will find higher hotel rates and fewer available rooms when there is a popular concert, sporting event, or convention in town.

5 – Don’t Wait for Last Minute Travel Deals

When it comes to finding travel deals and discounts, many mistakenly believe you should wait until the last minute. Yes, many hotels, airlines, and car rental companies offer last minute travel deals and discounts, but they are usually less common during the summer. The summer is a peak travel seasons and they rarely have problems filling planes and hotel rooms. For most, it is too risky to wait. If you are one of those individuals, plan your trip in advance, but always be on the lookout for money saving deals and discounts. Luckily, hotels, airlines, and car rental companies offer them all year round, not just at the last minute.

5 Tips for Planning an Affordable Family Vacation starts now

5 Tips for Planning an Affordable Family Vacation is real and tangible action plan that can be implemented. Taking action is the first step to over come ruts and barriers that keep people away from making real lifestyle changes and achieving their desires, hopes and dream in the long term, small action steps can make or break future life goals.

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Lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind

Lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind

Lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind, and taking care of our body is vitally important because everyone want’s to have a long and happy life. Taking care of the mind is equally important and that is why you will find so many messages out there about brain exercises and finding new ways to think. In order to gain the most from these forms of activities though you need to take a close look at your lifestyle habits. If you take part in those that are preventing your brain from being as healthy as possible then now is the time to stop.

Lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind
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Too much stress is very damaging to the brain as a whole. When you are under too much stress you aren’t going to be able to focus you attention where it needs to be. You will also not be in the best of moods to encourage your mind to develop positive memories from various situations. When you have too much stress your brain produces large amounts of cortisol as well. This can make you feel very sluggish and it can cloud your judgment.

Lifestyle contributes to a healthy mind

Getting adequate rest is another area where may people don’t make the grade. It can be hard to get everything done in a single day that we need to. People tend to take on more and more these days. Yet you do have to take care of your basic needs properly if you want to accomplish anything the next day. A healthy mind starts with getting enough sleep each night. Try to get into a routine of going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time each day. This will help your mind to be well rested for what it needs to process when you are awake.

Making a commitment to exercise at least 30 minutes each day is also important. You want to do this for your physical health. However, it is also going to impact your brain and your mental well being. Don’t make excuses that you can’t find the time to do it. Make sure you know your own fitness level and that you don’t go beyond that.

Dynamic physical activity and oxygen intake

When you take part in physical exercise more oxygen gets to the brain. This will create chemicals that protect the brain cells. As a result you will be less likely to suffer from mental health problems and memory loss. You will also have a better attitude and more energy.

Avoid common harmful activities such as consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Both of them will reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to the brain. As you make a commitment to eliminate such lifestyle choices from your daily routine you will find that your efforts to maintain a healthy mind are going in the right direction.

Take a close and personal assessment of your own habits and lifestyle. Make those changes that need to be in place so that you are going to live a long and healthy life. Too many people don’t think these aspects of their live really matter but they definitely do. There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that when these elements aren’t in place it is harder to maintain a healthy mind. You may be trying your best in some areas but without all of them there will be key pieces of the puzzle missing.

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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016 is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, friendships and all the good things in life. Let’s take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring!

Happy New Years 2016 !


The New Year 2016 is still blank, start writing your fantastic future

The Entire year is still blank, so start writing your fantastic future now, don’t wait, don’t delay, start doing it straight away today.  It is very much a real possibility if you use your cognitive mind powers wisely as a planning tool to design your own future.

Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year 2016
You design your own future in 2016

To some this concept may seem unrealistic, to others it is a no brainer. Of course one needs to use his/her noggin to plan the future very precisely, life should not be a gamble, it is a very high risk gamble not to make future plans, as if to throw one’s self in to the river and just float away into the distance and hoping that with time you will find your life goal.  As if to let go and do nothing, and by doing nothing one could improve the quality of life. There is spiritual benefit to relax and not worry about tomorrow, but that is not all there is.  Of course it is useful to let go of worry and that can mean to be active in life.

 The right Education

Education is one real way to learn how to think, to think logically, to think rationally and to think socially in larger groups. People can learn to be social in their inner social circle’s but with the education environments there are more challenges and more competition to compete with many more peoples perspectives and points of view.

Education environment can also lift the competition much higher, resulting in having to improve one’s game. To learn more and to be much more effective in the communications skills.  There are no easy paths to education; it is only through cognitive processes and work that learning can be achieved. New Information and new data about the world that we live in, new concepts to understand, new tools to use forgiven objective goals.  Tools for work require a logical understanding, most tools use a logical process.  And to understand the processes one needs to learn how to think logically.

 Wishing our Friends and Family a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace, Love, and Prosperity.

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東京の花火大会 2015 Japan Tokyo

東京の花火大会 2015 Japan Tokyo

東京の花火大会 2015 Japan Tokyo Fireworks put up a great fire works display, here is a YouTube channel video that i found while searching for fabolous fire works for 2015. Tokyo Japan Fireworks 2015 is a brilliant display of bright colors against the night sky.

Happy New Year 2015.

東京の花火大会 2015 Japan Tokyo
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Wish you a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments.

May the year 2015 be your best year yet!

The world may be cracking up in many places, like a sour dough bread loaf baked in a hot oven, but don’t lose hope, it ought to settle down sometime soon when the heat cools down.
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Cheers to the New Year!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season for everyone.

Here’s to a little bit of Einstein for the new challenges of the New Year in 2015.
Albert Einstein

I feel that you are justified in looking into the future with true assurance, because you have a mode of living in which we find the joy of life and the joy of work harmoniously combined. Added to this is the spirit of ambition which pervades your very being, and seems to make the day’s work like a happy child at play.

– Simran Khurana

Also visit website for more great articles and resources. The articles and video presented at this web site are presented for motivational purpose, to kindle creative thought processes and reasoning. Creative thinking is a choice, there are many props and tools that give many opportunities for creative thinking to take root and to produce more creative thinking results. Creative thinking can give meaning and purpose to any environment, choices are everywhere, creative thinking selects the ones that enhance and foster more creative thinking.

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Online decision making

Online decision making should not be underestimated

There are many new opportunities each day with online decision making, making the right decision.  It is important to keep in mind that there should be a purpose when going on line, it may be a number of activities including entertainment.   For those people that are actively seeking new creative entrepreneur ideas for their home business, should be aware that planning a work day ahead of time can be beneficial, it is not a good idea to mix work time with free surfing and leisure, there should be a plan to madness.

Online decision making can be made more effective by being aware of the time spent online, practice along with a well though out plan can pave the way towards meaningful goals and personal rewards in the future. See the decision making course details from here   Decision-making.course

Online decisions

Online decision making should be creative, artistic and meanigful

If you have problems with structure and goals in life, then writing a journal each day could help you to become more organized. It may help in the process of getting out of a rut that is often called procrastination.

Each day should have plans and goals that work towards the goal that you  are working towards. It may a be a plan for a specific week, month or a year. Usually it is better to start with small goals until the smaller goals can be achieved, realized and conquered. The old saying “from little things big things come”.

Personal goals are vital in life, everybody should have them.  People that are working full time have tasks and goals set for them by their management, on the other hand people that are unemployed do have difficulties with organizational skills and planning, because they do not get the necessary discipline for it each day.  Self discipline is the most important trait when unemployed, because if discipline is not practiced then discipline will only get weaker and weaker as the time goes forward.  It is always harder to get back to physical shape and personal discipline if it has lapsed into unorganized laziness.  Online decision opportunities do come every day, so do make the most of them.

Eyesight test review

Eyesight test review

Eyesight test review is practical online solution to the people that may have eye vision issues, it could be caused by lack of nutrition in the daily  diet or it could be caused by a heavy work load called  near-point stress, which can cause the computer use syndrome. Online eyesight test review is really  very helpful in reminding people to take better care of their eye vision system.

Decision making process explained

Decision making process explained in a way that makes logical sense

Decision making process explained should be clear cut and logical, it can be rehearsed and practiced, whether the moment of decision calls for a cognitive and logically determined choice, or more intuitive, spiritual or emotional intelligence decisive choice.

Personal decision becomes difficult, when there is conflict of interest, at the basic level you may be confronted with a choice to choose between the two available items that are on sale, the moment of indecision may last a few seconds, half a minute or more.  The way to work through the indecision is to write a need list (why, what, when) and a comparison list (which one meets the genuine need) for and against, and good sense will win the day.

Decision making process explained
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Strong organizational skills will eliminate a lot of the indecision in the decision making process

By being well organized, there is less chance for moments of indecision to raise it’s double head, because procrastination is bad incubator of indecision. Making good use of the available time will automatically deliver great results in a sense of getting things done, keeping ahead of bottle necks in home work or study and staying ahead of the daily tasks and things to do. Each day has its own share of things to do, even when being a single person, and of course it usually increase when there is a relationship or a family, the things to do and work load can expound exponentially. The basic things like personal grooming, hygiene, food and nutrition, exercise, study and work, socializing, resting and quality sleep, it really does require sufficient organizational skills to get by without getting stuck at a moment when time is stretched out too long. When there are many things to do in a limited time, the way around is to compress time by doing more, and doing it time efficiently, using the time wisely. Visit web site for more resources in decision making.

Decision making process explained is a technique to make decisions more consciously with reason

What ever the decisions are, small, trivial, great or significant people make hundreds of decisions each day.  At the early age of a small baby that slowly grows up to be an infant and a teenager, the amount of decision made grows with age, the decision making process grows as the personality of the person develops, the decisions evolve around likes, hobbies, friends, parents, sisters and brothers. It is the decision making skills that enable people to have individual personality traits, learning, ambitions, achievements, career and the environment that they develop into a living community.  Decision making enables the freedom to choose the right path for the future, to walk the high road of responsibility with pride.


Decision optimized

Decision optimized is the result of a conscious decision making process.

Decision making is a process and decisions are the building blocks of life. We become the people that we become by the decisions that we make over time. Each day is made up of hundreds of selective decisions.
Decision making is not always made at the conscious level, as the daily tasks become more of a routine then the decisions are often made habitually. The decision making process can be conscious and refined, each person has set their own level or a standard that they feel comfortable as part of their natural environment.

Humans can evaluate and reflect on the decision that they have made, whether they were the best decisions or if they made a mistake in the decision making process.

A good decision is when there is no regrets aftermath, because it was the best decision at the given time. Wrong decisions usually become evident with time.
Business decisions need to optimize so that there is a maximum gain and minimum loss in energy, resources and spending.  Decision optimized process can be taught with a series of video modules, for more information go to this link,

There is real deal survey statistic in critical analytic’s of business decision making made by the AMI survey, that 50% of business decisions are put into the wrong decisions category.
It is important to learn a reliable rock solid process in decision making. Using a list of ideas as a tool in the decision making process. The creative path to a solution is found with the help of a list of ideas. Creative decision making allows the brain to invent new links, leads, structures and concepts.
Having a handle of a clear process in decision making allows you to improve your decision making outcomes. It is important to focus on the process of decision making and not so much on the decision itself, when confronted with a problem that demands action.

Intuition has its role in the decision making process. Good decision making brings in logic with intuition. Evaluating a problem analytically, looking at it logically but these alone may not reveal the core of the problem, so creativity can be used to animate the issue, to expand a list of ideas that open up the range of possibilities.

The goal of this course in decision making is to introduce a logical sequence to the decision making process, so that decision making can be made with confidence. Here are some important objective points:

  • To have the confidence of knowing that you made the best choice
  • Know when you made the best decision
  • How to make a confident decision
  • A confident decision maker also has the courage to act
  • And knowing after the decision has been made that it still stands, there are no regrets, because it was the best decision at the given time.

After a decision has been made and whatever the outcome was, the process of the decision making should have been made on; reliable information, true facts, personal values, business interests and objective goals, and then it is in line with the overall business policy . If there are no values, then there are no objective goals for decision making and the outcomes can easily become a simple drift and flow manifestation of indecisive fatalism.

Decision making is a skill that can be improved and refined with the right education and training, it does also require self discipline and self control; some people may be impulsive and make moves without any consideration for the sequential outcome. Making a right decision is a skill that can be learned, trained and reinforced so that it becomes second nature as part of the personality trait. Visit Decision making optimized from here.

Decision optimized
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Evolve the physical brain

[uvc-youtube id=”VMN_Sd9qdIE” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] To evolve the physical brain, is preceded with decision and action.

Joe Dispenza – Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind Download the Evolve Your Brain PDF –

Evolve the physical brain is a fantastic topic to study and to research.

Here is a link on this page to a book with a title; Evolve Your Brain: The Science Of Changing Your Mind.  This book introduces a concept about the possibility of quantum decision options being available.

Also that humans have a Divine aspect, that gives humans the right to design and change their own lives the way they want.

This concept is really fascinating for those people that are interested in self improvement, whether the “Self Improvement” stems from; missed goals, set backs or failures. This understanding how the brain is wired to organize the environmental information that  it receives from all of the 5 human senses.  It has been well known that young people and people in general (more or less) are conditioned by the environment, or the result of the environment.  The mechanics of that is simple, the brain wired to the nervous system is very receptive instrument  to gather and store information.  More so than a person may be consciously thinking about that data, it is received and stored non less.   When this information is stored, it can be viewed as programmed data for future use.  When the mind is observing the environment, it does it with visual or sensory recognition, when a visual pattern or a sensory signal matches, at that instant, at the speed of a electrical neuron current, that information was quickly retracted from the data memory.

The hard wiring of the brain comes after;  think a though, make decision and the action is implemented.

Some of the essential every day good thoughts, ideally should be made automatically are; hunger, food, quantity, ingredients list, garden, cellar or the Sea/lake/River, shopping destination, selection and the preparation of a meal.  These choices potentially contain many sub-decisions based on information, the basic structure can pan out like this; Carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, water, minerals, vitamins=Nutrition.   A further question can arise from that, e.g. Which food is good for the brain.

Emotional rewards in the mind, connect the wiring of the physical brain.

So when knowledge based decision are made according to good health requirements, that decision is then reinforced by the nutrition supply being delivered to all of the eleven systems of the body.  And if there is a felt joy in the knowledge, or reward to other senses, it is further reinforced with affirmation of the emotions.

How much of self control is efficient good management of the brain.

The Self control topic is as old as the hills that surround us, there is nothing new under the sun, and the lack of self control is likened to; letting the horses bolt and to run free.  It usually has some sort of negative health consequences over time, the most extreme cases that are exalted in most societies are the stories of burned out Celebrity Rock Stars, they burn too hot, and they burn too fast in life.  They indulge in the pleasures of all physical pleasures imaginable, even use drugs to artificially heighten the feelings of their physical pleasures.  The old adage says; what goes up, must come down.  The extreme cases of indulgence with drugs, fry the brains inside out.  It is unsustainable escapism to illusions that never were on the planet earth. The return to life with out drugs is usually a slow painful struggle with the flavor of reality. The realization of the errors, of the basic navigation of life,  in the early beginnings, can be overwhelming with out some support group.  The end of the road sign, after many years of the “broad way” travel, at times with obstacles, detours and set backs, suddenly comes to a stand still, and the only way out is to back track and return to the basics of reality.

Here is a link to a great book.   Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind.